How To Power Up Your Sample Omharmonics Meditation Audio

by Paul on April 5, 2012

in Meditation Audio

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Hello Everyone,

I found you an awesome video from Vishen Lakhiani of MIndvalley that will help you to power up your Omharmonics audio program whether you have the free ten minute version or the complete Omharmonics audio program.

According to Vishen more that 50,0000 have downloaded the free sample Omharmonic audio meditaion MP3.

If you have not downloaded your sample Omharmonics MP3 you can click on the link beneath the video to get your sample now.

Vishen says that he believes that awesome things happen to those who meditate and that he meditates on a daily basis and this is a big reason why his publishing company Mindvalley is so successful.

Vishen is offering you guidance with what he calls Om Week – a 7 day challenge where you meditate for ten minutes a dayfor seven days to help you to develop the habbit of meditating.

In the video above Vishen offers powerful tips and tools.

He asks that you make a commitment to meditate for at ten minutes per day.

Make a decision what you want to accomplish by meditating.

Omharmonics audio meditation uses binaural beats and other technologies to put you into a deep state of meditation in just a matter of minutes.

Omharmonics allows you to easily align your body mind and spirit to achieve a state of bliss that in the past would require years of training.

Here are the Steps that Vishen Recommends to Power Up Your Meditation :

Grounding – Imagine your consciousness expanding by sending love to everyone througout the entire universe.

Express Gratitude – be thankful for good things that have happened to you in the past two weeks

Remove Negative Charges
– Think about something that needs to be released …Bring the person in front of you and ask forgiveness and then forgive that person

Daydream – Pick three things or situations that you would like to manifest and imagine it so.

Set An Intention – Imagine the perfect day occuring just the way that you want it to unfold

Ask For A Blessing
– Ask the universe to endow you with the strength to carry out your mission in life

Vishen says that he compiled this list from various success gurus throughout the years and that he uses these six steps on a daily basis .

Be sure to watch the video above and click the link below the video to get your free Omharmonics Audio Meditation Sample.

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Carlisle April 11, 2012 at 9:16 am

I’ve found that these binaural beat based meditation audios are not for everyone, but when they do work for you they can be very effective. The only way to find out is if you give it a try. I will try this one for a week and see if it works for me.

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