Futuristic Meditation Audio Is Embedded In This Video

by Paul on April 11, 2012

in Meditation Audio

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Hey Everyone,

FREE Prize Inside!

There really is a FREE Omharmonics meditation audio embedded in the video above and you can even download your own copy of the Omharmonics Audio MP3 by clicking on the link below the video .

I have been listening to my Omharmonics audio every morning for ten minutes and it has really helped me to get more focused and get more done everyday.

Scattered Thoughts?

Until now I have always had a problem with focusing and I meet the criteria for having Adult Attention Deficit disorder but medition has really helped me.

Hundreds of studies have reported that meditation leads to better health and habbits.

Experience The Future of Meditation

Even if you have never had success with meditation the Omharmonics meditation audio is designed to help you to achieve These seven benefits of meditation:

  • Achieve a deep tranquil state of awareness
  • Experience a total mind and body rejuvanation
  • Free flowing inspiration and creativity
  • Reach a deeper connection with people around you to include your familly friends and coworkers.
  • Experience enhanced sex with your sexual partner.
  • Before you listen to the Omharmonics Meditation Video Above you must ask yourself what you wish to achieve by meditation.


Do you want want meditation to help you achieve the following?

  • More Abundance
  • Less Health Problems
  • Melt Stress
  • Be More Creative and Insightful

The most common way to reach a deep meditative state is to reach the Alpha state and this in the past
to focus on your breathing.

Mindvalley the creators of Ohmharmonics audio meditation did extensive surveys to determine why people are not meditating correctly.

Here Are Four Reasons You Are Not Meditating Correctly

  • Lack of Focus
  • Mental Chatter
  • Lack of Time
  • Physical Restlessness

Questions To Ask Yourself?

Does meditation need to be this hard?

Do you have to spend hours of expensive training to meditate properly?

Three Omharmonics Technologies To Help Get You Into A Deep State of Meditation are binaural beats, heartbeat synchronization and ambient sounds.

Put on your headphones now and listen to the Omharmics meditation audio at 10:20 In the video above and then click on the link beneath the video to try out your free meditation audio for yourself.

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