Throat Chakra Healing Needed According To My 3 Minute Chakra Test

by Paul on April 4, 2012

in Energy Healing

Take the Free Chakra Test To Discover if One of Your Chakra’s Are Weak or Closed

Hey Everyone,

I just took Master Energy Healer Carol Tuttles’ 3 Minute Chakra test and the results indicated that my throat Chakra is closed and I am in need of throat chakra healing.

I am not surprised… even though I worked as a counselor and public speaker for years I am still anxious when it comes to expressing myself aloud and have always felt more at ease writing rather than speaking. But I really want to change…

Carol Tuttle’s 3 Minute Chakra test is a fast and free way to discover which of your chakras or rotating energy centers in the body are open or closed.

I want to discuss all 7 Chakras and how to accomplish chakra balancing as well but today I want to focus on the throat chakra .

I researched the throat chakra some and I discovered that if your throat chakra is open and balanced you will speak “truth” easily and without any stress or anxiety.

If your throat chakra is closed you probably feel especially stressed with public speaking or when asked to give your opinion in a public setting.

Carol Tuttle asserts that you have a right to express your feelings and thoughs without feeling stressed and fearful.

Carol says that the color of your throat Chakra is “blue” so if you want to support your throat chakra you may consider wearing a shade of blue that you prefer to help to open up this energy center.

Carol also recommends that you watch the academy award winning movie The Kings’ Speech a movie about a king who had a hard time expressing himself due to  him having a problem with stuttering.

Carol suggests that you actually follow some of the tips given in the movie by the King’s speech therapist to help you to open your throat chakra.

Another tip is to write a letter to your inner child with your right hand asking your inner child to tell about themselves
and to record the responses that you get with your left hand. Carol says that this exercise will also help to unblock your throat chakra.

Another tip is to take deep breaths and after each breath let out a sigh as shown in the video above at the five minute mark .

Carol also gives some actual positive affirmation to chant during a chakra meditation as well.

Be sure to check out Carol’s 3 Minute Chakra Test to see if you need chakra balancing or clearing.

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