The Truth About EFT Tapping and Free Tapping Resources

by Paul on April 18, 2012

in Energy Healing

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got your back…

How about a FREE Tapping Manual along with Free tapping videos to help you to alleviate pain and stress in your life sometimes in mere seconds?

Go To The Source!

Read on and I will tell you where to get a FREE Tapping Manual written by one of the creators of Tapping Gary Craig as well as where to find free videos and results of scientific studies
involving EFT tapping.

Don’t Follow The Sheep

My email box has been inundated with emails about the Tapping Summit and everyone seems to be jumping on the tapping bandwagon.

I mean every guru out there seems to be talking about how tapping works and how to do tapping like they invented it or something.

Chicken Soup For Tappers?

Even the Chicken Soup for The Soul Guy all of a sudden knows all about tapping and is promoting an elaborate program that promises to teach you all the so called tapping secrets .

And all the gurus seem to have some creative way that they have come up with for you to do tapping but you need to ask yourself the following questions.

Do they have any certifications to qualify them as a tapping expert?

And is their method better than the original method of tapping that is freely accessible on the internet?

Tapping Works!

I personally love tapping and have used it to aleviate pain and lessen my stress levels but my favorite free tapping resources are at;

At EFT Universe and EMO Free you will find how to videos, testimonials and tapping studies involving popular tapping topics such as weight loss, PTSD, stress reduction, reducing food cravings, overcoming phobias and fears directly from the source.

Another great resource is Gary Craig’s EFT Manual You can get Gary Craig’s The EFT Manual FREE by going to FREE EFT Manual

Another great FREE tapping resource is YouTube but specifically Brad Yates tapping channel at

Brad is very knowledgeable and dedicated and he has tons of EFT tapping videos to overcome just about any problem that you can think of. Recently Brad had an EFT video to help you overcome your block to practicing your guitar!

I use Brad’s tapping videos on a daily basis and they have been very helpful. But there are many EFT teachers on YouTube and you may want to pick one out that suits your needs.

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