New Love or Above Human Dowsing Rod Video and Webinar From Christy Marie Sheldon

by Paul on April 5, 2012

in Energy Healing

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Hey Everyone,

I just found this great new video from energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon the creator of Love or Above that explains how to raise your vibrational energy level to the desirable level of Love by using muscle testing or behavioral kinesiology.

Oh and by dowsing rod in the title above I am referring to using your muscles as truth detector…I will explain more about this shortly…

By now you have probably heard that Christy Marie Sheldon has helped over 15,000 people to raise their vibrations and dissolve their energy blocks using her powerful collection of energy tools .

Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above program is based on the works of Dr. David Hawkins’ scale of consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins scale of consciousness assigns a level of consciousness to every human emotion.

Vibrating At Different Levels

To give you an idea of this scale the highest reading on the scale would be enlightenment at 1000 and the lowest reading would be shame at 20.

Good Vibrations?

Most people unfortunately are vibrating at a level of around 200.

The problem with this is that we tend to attract things based on the level at which we are vibrating.

How Do You Raise Your Level of Consciousness?

The goal of Christie Marie Sheldons Love or Above program is to raise your consciousness levels to 500 or above or what Christy terms “Love or Above”

Christy proposes that you can test to see what level of consciousness that you reside now by doing a simple muscle testing exercise that is outlined in the video above.

Your Muscles Reveal The Truth

Muscle testing theory suggests that your muscles will strengthen with high or positive thoughts and weaken with negative thoughts, objects, people , ideas or teachings that surround us.

Muscle Testing Bogus?

The idea of muscle testing or musle kinesiology may sound bizarre but it is actually used daily by most Chiropractors and by many health providers such as Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.

Try Muscle Testing Yourself Now!

Give the muscle testing exercise a try and see how it goes.

Once you have watched the video be sure to click on the link beneath the video to attend a webinar Thursday night from Christy Marie Sheldon where she will perform a relaxing meditation exercise designed to raise your level of consciousness to Love or Above.

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