Energy Healer Burt Goldman Quantum Jumps And Transforms Into An Artist After 80

by Paul on January 25, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

You have to watch this video if you are getting older and you think you may be becoming less creative or not able to manifest as much as when you were younger.

Eighty Something Renaissance Man

In my last post I introduced Burt Goldman an 84 year old energy healer who has become a prolific artist, singer , author, blogger, piano player, energy healer and personal development leader all past the age of 80 by employing his Quantum Jumping techniques.

Burt has one of the most popular personal development blogs on the internet and he is hugely popular on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Anyone Can Do It

Burt says that anyone can develop any skill by taking what he calls a Quantum Jump and connecting with other sources of intelligence.

Quantum Theorists

I know this sounds crazy but similar ideas have been proposed by none other than Albert Einstein and the most popular success author of all time Napoleon Hill.

While teaching a class in San Diego Burt challenged his class to suggest a skill that he could acquire by using Quantum Jumping.

Burt’s students asked him to become a photographer and to bring back results of skills that he developed as a photographer in a period of five days.

An Artist is Born

As you can see in the video above …the results were astounding. Burt produced a beautiful painting that consisted of many pictures that Burt placed on the canvas similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

By doing so Burt created a new genre of art.

Since then Burt has become a prolific artist and has even had his art featured in an International Art Gallery.

Burt’s art now sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

There is Hope

Burt Goldman is an inspiration to everyone but especially for those of us who are over fifty and want to continue to be creative and matter in the world.

Imagine what Quantum Jumping could do to improve creativity in your career or to just have more fun with music, art, writing, inventing …you name it.

Placebo Effect?

Burt has his share of critics who tell him that Quantum Jumping and energy healing or energy psychology results may be due to a placebo effect but Burt argues…what does it matter if you are getting positive results?

When you see all of the beautiful art that Burt has produced in the video above and see videos of him playing the piano and singing or if you have read any of his books it is easy to believe that there is something to Quantum Jumping….

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marge December 24, 2014 at 6:44 am

No i dont have website why do ask for one?
Im over 50 and start to go to college to take math and computers yeah to focus and with the light and the invisible light beings through chakra light I m doing to overcome victim-blaming-resentment-negative beliefs . What Burt’s work technique video has that i can try for light speed learning can you help me , Thank you Looking forward to your email

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