Energy Healer Burt Goldman Quantum Jumps And Transforms Into An Artist After 80

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Hello Everyone,

I have read hundreds of success books about 3 day military diet plan and heard of tons of success techniques used throughout the ages but Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping remains one of my favorites for gaining insight into becoming more successful. If you feel blocked or stuck in any way from achieving the success that you desire check out Burt Goldmans no cost Quantum Jumping Course by clicking on the link beneath the video below.

I just found this great cartoon video from Burt Goldman. By now you have probably heard of him. He is the 84 year old creator of Quantum Jumping the most controversial visualization technique ever devised. This video is excellent at explaining the concept of alternate Parallel Universes in a simple way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend that you watch it.

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Quantum Jumping is a way for you to reclaim your childhood dreams by visiting alternate universes and meeting your twin self or doppelganger who is living the dreams that you cherished before your teachers , parents and others people in the world told you to quite daydreaming and to be more “realistic.”

You probably gave up some of your dreams as a child but what if there is a way that you can reclaim them?

What if it is not too late to become hugely successful, or wealthy or what if you finally find the love of your life?

What if there was a way to meet with your doppelganger and ask them powerful questions that hold the key to opening the door to the forgotten dreams that you once cherished?

Proof That Quantum Jumping Works

Burt has used Quantum Jumping to become a painter , author, singer, teacher, energy healer and musician all without the aide of prior knowledge of any of these disciplines.

What is Quantum Jumping?

Quantum Jumping is a powerful visualization exercise designed to allow you to harness your subconscious mind and discover infinite number of realities and possibilities.

The American Monk Shares his Gifts

Burt Goldman has spent years studying meditation, yoga, hypnosis, and other energy healing modalities with Masters such as Jose Silva and he is ready to share his Quantum Jumping tecniques with you.


Hey Everyone,

This is really cool…EFT Abundance Expert Carol Look invited five people to join her in her new Project Tapping program to see if tapping would help them to live a more abundant and fulfilling life.

The results were astounding!

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These five people as you will see in the video are regular people who probably share fears just like yours.

Are You Fearful of Success?

One of them is afraid that her family will fall apart if she becomes too successful.

Another lady is afraid that her business will fail if she makes a mistake or does anything wrong .

Another lady published a self help book but then felt guilty as if she is being a fraud because she is not successful.

Do any of these fears sound familiar?

Watching how these five people dissolve their abundance blocks may inspire you.

Need More Than Positive Thinking and Affirmations?

If the Law of Attraction, positive affirmations and positive thinking are not allowing you to achieve what you want in life you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes with EFT Energy healer and EFT Master Carol Look.

Project Tapping is a brand new EFT Program that includes 50 Powerful EFT Tapping Techniques to dissolve your abundance blocks.

EFT Tapping is a simple method that anyone can do that developed by Gary Craig that energizes your bodies energy meridians by tapping them with the tips of your fingers while you follow EFT tapping scripts .

The EFT tapping points that you will use are those that have been used for centuries by Chinese Acupuncturists and energy healers.

Sounds Goofy But Works!

I know EFT Tapping sounds and looks ridiculous. .. when I started tapping to relieve pain I was very self conscious and really did not believe that it would work. But According to Craig and Carol Look you do not have to believe that tapping will work in order it to work!!! According to Craig the results from tapping are not merely the result from a placebo effect.

Remove Energy Blocks

The theory goes that your bodies chi of life energy flows through energy points or meridian points but this energy flow can become blocked by your fears or negative thoughts.

These energy blocks can cause you to experience mental and spiritual problems and a general lack of abundance in your life.

Real Life Tapping Results

Anyway…I have used tapping to relieve a sprained ankle, lower back pain and pain from burns. I am now using tapping to increase my abundance and you can too!

Try Tapping on Anything Even Abundance Blocks!

Gary Craig says that you can try EFT on anything!

Studies show that EFT has been successful at relieving stress and anxiety even in PTSD victims and one study even shows how EFT tapping can lower your cortisol level to help you lose weight.

Watch this EFT tapping tecnique video to see if you can increase your abundance with Carol Looks Project Tapping.


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Hey Everyone,

I found this cool video from energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon the Creator of Unlimited Abundance and the Love or Above program that will help you detect truth from lies using your own body as a guide.

Christie explains that your body is connected to universal intelligence and that muscle testing or applied kinesiology is an energy tool that you can use to improve your life.

Muscle testing sounds woo woo but it is currently being used by chiropractors, acupunturists, massage therapists, health care providers such as occupational therapists and energy healers as well.

Muscle testing works with your bodies natural energy system by applying pressure to certain muscles to determine if they are weak or strong when subjected to certain stimuli in the environment or in this case your thoughts.

Christie says that beliefs all have an attached energy field that is either positive or negative.

Guilt fear and anger have very low vibrations while Love and enlightenment vibrate at the highest level.

Your body is able to pick up on energy vibrations.

You have probably been to a party or gathering and picked up on low or negative vibrations after someone was fighting or arguing with someone or perhaps you have experienced the opposite when you attend a party where the vibration feels happy and positive.

You can test Chrisitie Marie Sheldon’s lie detector method by making an “OK” sign with your fingers on both your hands and by linking your hands together and asking yourself questions.

For example ask yourself an untrue question such as “am I lady Ga GA and notice how you are able to pull your fingers apart more easily than if you say your correct name.

This method can be used to make better decisions in your life .

Give it a try and tell me if it works for you by commenting below.


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